Anatomy of a warehouse storage space slotting strategy

Why is storage space slotting important and what benefits does it offer a warehouse?

Today’s digital business landscape has made it easier and faster for customers to find and make their purchase from anywhere and anytime. This is great for...

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Selective Pallet Racking vs Double Deep Pallet Racking

The wide range of warehouse pallet racks may have made it difficult for you to decide on the one that you should opt for. Whether you are setting up a warehouse for the first time, or broadening your warehouse network or expanding your existing...

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Key factors to decide whether your warehouse needs a makeover

The warehouses have grown from its basic function as a storage house to an intelligent component of the entire value chain. Warehouse design, most suitable material storage systems and efficient operations are integral to the success of a...

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How to improve order picking efficiency

In any warehouse, order picking – the function of retrieving goods from their racking locations is one of the most labour-intensive and costly activities, with about 55% of warehouse resources going towards this single activity. Currently, with...

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A Guide On Safe Warehousing Operations


In warehousing operations, the importance given to human safety is paramount. The health and safety of employees is a priority that the sector shares along the same value lines as customer satisfaction. This means that warehouse management has...

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