Racking Maintenance – A quick guide to ensuring safety in a warehouse

A warehouse is a critical part of any manufacturing, logistics or value chain operations. It is important to keep all equipment and areas of a warehouse in prime condition with the help of regular cleaning and maintenance. Data shows that better...

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Best Practices in Warehousing Operations

Warehouses are the key drivers of profit, growth and customer satisfaction for businesses – whether you are in manufacturing, retail, e-commerce or any other industry. Efficient, cost-effective and safe warehousing operations play a critical role...

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Intelligent and safe storage solutions for pharmaceuticals

The Indian pharmaceutical industry, which occupies an important position in the international pharmaceutical fraternity, stands poised for significant growth in the coming years; it is expected to grow at an annual rate of 15% till 2020,...

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What the newly minted GST means for various industries

On 8th August, 2016, the Goods & Services Tax Bill (aka GST Bill) was passed, with some amendments, by the Lok Sabha; earlier in the month, it was cleared by the Rajya Sabha on 4th August. Now, it needs to be cleared by at least half of the total...

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Smart automotive storage solutions for accelerating success

India is one of the fastest-growing markets for automobile manufacturers worldwide, and an emerging automobile exporter. It is expected to maintain the projected trajectory of booming sales; it is predicted that in the next two decades, India...

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