Expand your material storage space with mezzanine floor system

Expand your material storage space with mezzanine floor system

Quite often, businesses start small, investing in correspondingly small storage facilities/warehouses in the beginning. However, as they start adding customers and growing, the storage space starts falling short for the amount of material needed to be stored. When more storage space is required, the usual options are either to move to bigger premises or to construct additional storage space in the existing warehouse. On the other hand, there is an efficient option that works out best from all perspectives:

Mezzanine Floor System

Inclusion of a mezzanine floor systemplatform or floor installed between the ceiling and the floor – is an intelligent, versatile and hassle-free way of creating additional space in a warehouse. Though used in retail outlets, production and other spaces, mezzanine floors are incomparable in their usefulness in warehouses. From the point of view of ease of assembly (and disassembly), versatility, customization, cost-effectiveness, and additional space creation, mezzanine floor systems are the number one choice for many business owners who need extra storage space at minimum hassle.

Mezzanine floors can be constructed in different materials and be used for various purposes across industries, making them supremely versatile and adaptable.

Advantages of Mezzanine Floor System

  1. Create Space withinUse of mezzanine creates an entire extra layer of space in your warehouse that can be used to store extra boxes, crates and cartons in shelves. By moving the boxes to the mezzanine floor, floor space is freed up which can then be used as office space or for even more storage.
  2.  Easy to InstallOne of the best advantages of mezzanine floors is that they are so easy to install. With no elaborate construction materials or procedures, and no breakage of existing facilities, setting up a mezzanine floor is hassle-free and quick.
  3. Non-Permanent and Free Standing StructureBeing free-standing structures, mezzanine floors can not only be erected quickly but also dismantled, moved and relocated to another location quite easily. Such a feature is not possible with concrete structures.
  4.  Cost-effective Storage SolutionMezzanine floor system is very cost-effective storage solution compared to building a new concrete facility.
  5.  Highly Customized StorageMezzanine floors are highly customizable with different floor options such as heavy duty steel, MDF/wooden flooring etc. Almost any design, components and load characteristics can be accommodated in a customized mezzanine design.
  6.  Rack-supported MezzanineOne more configuration where floor level can be built with racking instead of columns is Rack-supported Mezzanine. This system has multiple benefits in terms of having palletized storage or shelving at the ground level and optimizes overall storage costs.
  7. Manifold Storage SpaceWherever the height is available, 3-tier mezzanine system can also be configured to utilize full working height of the warehouse. Thus, multiplying the available space manifold.

Obviously, for enterprises looking for expanding their storage capacities, mezzanine floor systems are a boon in many ways. They are easy, cost effective and efficiently utilize available space multi-dimensionally without necessitating additional construction or shifting of premises.

In short, mezzanine floors add the following benefits to warehouses and work areas:

  • Very cost-effective solution to expand the storage space by double or manifold.
  • Avoid relocation costs
  • Free-standing and non-permanent structure
  • Custom-engineered designs and structures to meet precise customer requirements
  • Easy and quick to install and dismantle within existing facility with least disruption to existing structures and operations
  • Creates modular and multi-functional space
  • Flexible storage design, adaptable for changing customer needs
  • High-quality and powder-coated ancillaries in wide choice of colors

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