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Selective Pallet Racking vs Double Deep Pallet Racking

The wide range of warehouse pallet racks may have made it difficult for you to decide on the one that you should opt for. Whether you are setting up a warehouse for the first time, or broadening your warehouse network or expanding your existing warehouse, it is important to take an informed decision regarding the type of warehouse pallet racks that will be best suited to your unique business needs.

Your product specifications, throughput levels, desired warehouse storage capacity are just a few factors that determine the type of warehouse pallet racks you should get installed in your warehouse. It makes sense to weigh out pros and cons of each racking system in respect to your requirements before choosing the one that meets your needs.

However, if you are debating over whether you should go for Selective Pallet Racking or Double Deep Pallet Racking system, this article will give you an insight into the subtle difference between the two.

 Double Deep Pallet Racking

Let’s take a look at the features of this racking system.

  • Most cost-effective storage system with low maintenance
  • Well-suited for medium SKUs with large quantities
  • Large orders/batches get dispatched fast
  • 50% accessibility to pallets
  • Enables with LIFO (Last In First Out) Inventory Management
  • Eliminates aisles that do not contribute to productivity and enhances storage racking space by as much as 40% compared to Selective Pallet Racking
  • Adaptable storage system- easily re-configurable racking to adjust to changing business needs
  • May eliminate the need for warehouse expansion or leasing new warehouse storage space by maximising the utilisation of cubic space in the existing warehouse
  • Reasonable stock rotation
  • Enabled with front and rear upright protectors that reduce the scope of damage
  • Includes racking end protection that streamline operations
  • Reduces the scope for pallet damage due to seamless warehouse operations
  • Enabled with a wide range of beam sections with welded connectors for improved operations
  • Additional investment needed for specialized warehouse equipment. Operators need proper training for safe and efficient operations.

 Selective Pallet Racking

Here are the features of Selective Pallet Racking.

  • Most widely used storage systems
  • Accommodates almost every unit load with varied specifications
  • Direct accessibility to all pallets in the racks
  • Supports high volume outbound/inbound operations
  • Simple to install and reconfigure. It is infinitely adjustable
  • Considered to be the cost-effective among all warehouse pallet racks
  • Economical shelving beams can be added at lower levels for cartons, boxes and loose parts
  • Ensures seamless stock management with frequent stock rotation
  • Supports both FIFO and LIFO Inventory Management
  • Varied warehouse equipment can be used for stacking and retrieving from this warehouse pallet racks
  • As the name suggests, these heavy-duty pallet racks enable accessing products through voluntary selection, as and when needed, without having to move other stored pallets
  • Ensures safe and accurate picking and packing, thus increases warehouse efficiency
  • Flexible and versatile heavy-duty pallet racks, hence, easily adapts to changing business needs
  • Varied beam and frame capacities to ensure optimal usage of available rack space and equipment

Though we have covered all major features of Selective Pallet Racking and Double Deep Racking, it is always better to consult the storage solutions provider and seek consultation services. A thorough SKUs analysis, operational activities mapping and knowledge about different storage systems will make it easier for you to take the best and informed decision for achieving optimal warehouse efficiency.

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